about me (us)

we love to eat at our house. we love to experiment with new recipes we find. we love to create things as we go. not all creations are successful, but we always have fun with it!

the we i am referring to is me:  amelia  aka, mommy, mama, Mom! (hear long suffering yell), wife, woman, sweetie or wench depending on who you ask and what mood they are in.

the other half of we is:  spencer, spence, daddy or Jason if you are asking the DMV or the IRS.

we are somewhat disorganized around here. we find recipes we like. we write them down or cut them out then file them away. to a place only elves and fairies know about, never to be seen again.

this is our attempt to keep it all in one place.

and to find balance

we are sometimes meat eaters (very seldom). sometimes vegans. but mainly vegetarians. we don't let labels define us.

we try hard to keep healthy and to keep our kids healthy and since we are both in the health-care profession we know first hand what "unhealthy" looks like.

this is the journey of a self-proclaimed foodie, a sweet tooth, and two broccoli hating redheads.