Friday, August 5, 2011

After several years of a very tight budget which didn't allow for any home-improvements/repairs.  I am finally able to have a small decorating budget. Yay!

So many things need to be worked on in this 70 year old house that it's overwhelming to know where to start!

One of my husbands customers is a contractor and we have already talked with him about remodeling the bathrooms.  I will post pictures of before/after shots when we get started with everything.  Although I'm not sure if I want the "before" shots out there so to speak.  The interior is so shabby/ugly that it still amazes me that we have lived this way for three years. :)

One thing we want to do in the master bedroom is buy a smaller bed.  I LOVE our king bed but it is way too much for our tiny space!  Buying a new bed does get me excited about new linens, pillows, curtains...

I am loving these ikat panels from West Elm.
I love this repurposed night stand from IO Metro.  The photo doesn't do it is much cooler in person.

I love this quilt from Pottery Barn.

And I think a floor mirror would make the room look bigger. :)

I'd better slow down...I think I just spent my whole budget in one room!!

If you were doing some remodeling to your home which room would you tackle first?


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  1. I'd do the space I'm in the most. Take it one room at a time and come up with a plan. I wish we could do some work on our place but it's a rental for two years so it's just really not worth it.