Monday, February 28, 2011

big cedar

Spencer and I decided in an effort to save money that we would take a few weekend vacations to places close by this year.  We have been to Big Cedar several times and never tire of the place and the boys love it as much as we do.

They offer a lot of outdoor activities like swimming, boating, fishing, horse back-riding, hiking etc...because of the cold weather we swam in the indoor pool and played games and watched movies.  Which was perfect!

For lunch we went to Devil's Pool Restaurant.  Isn't it funny how after you have kids your expectations change?  The things that I liked best about the Restaurant were the speedy service,  the waitress brought kids cups with lids and she talked to the boys as well as us. :)

Devil's Pool is decorated to look like an old rustic lodge much like the rest of Big Cedar.  We sat by a big fire place and had a view of the Ozark Mountains and Table Rock Lake.

We started with a big bread bowl that had cheese biscuits, corn muffins, and multi-seed crackers. Yum!  We also ordered the fried green tomatoes with Parmesan garlic aioli.

I ordered a salad with grilled salmon and Spencer got the wild mushroom pasta, both of which we so good that we forgot to take a picture!

We are already talking about when we can go back!  As much as I love my boys I'm ready for an adult weekend out...maybe in April or May. :)

Question of the Day:

Where is your favorite place to vacation?  Do you like to take small weekend trips?  Do you vacation without the kids?



  1. that looks delicious. I love the outdoors and Big Cedar sounds like my kind of place. We usually go camping every summer to different lakes in the area. We've never gone without our boys but that sounds really good, maybe when my kids are a little older.

  2. The photos of your food look amazing, Amelia! I must go find some lunch soon. Our life has changed so much recently that I don't know our vacations will look like going forward. Our vacations in the past have involved traveling to the place we're currently living. Right now, I'm dreaming of a milder climate. There's ice falling from the sky here today! :)

  3. My favorite place to vacation is Old Orchard Beach, Maine. We go there every year, and its such a change of pace from good ole ny!

  4. Thats why I love Big is so peaceful and such a nice change of pace!

  5. Wow that food looks delicious!

    My favorite place to vacation has to be my family's vacation home in South Haven, MI. We've been going to Michigan for a week (sometimes as long as three) every summer since I was born and my mom's family have been going way before that! It's a week of swimming, card games, bonfires, lots of good food and beautiful sunsets. We all stay pretty close to home during the week but with the food and company, you don't need to go anywhere :)

  6. That sounds like so much fun! The food sounds yummy too!