Saturday, January 22, 2011

everything is bigger in texas

I'm planning a trip to see my best friend Denise. She lives in Dallas now which is really too far away for a best friend, don't you agree? The good thing about her living in Dallas is that it's really not that far away (about 5 hours by car or less than an hour by plane) and we have made several trips back and forth to see each other.

I love Dallas and really Texas in general. Everything is bigger in Texas. They wear their pride like a badge on their sleeve. You don't mess with Texas. :) One of my friends from High-School was from Dallas and she invited me home with her for Spring Break one year.

It was the first time I had ever been on an airplane. I decided right then that I never wanted to travel any other way. :)

I also decided that I loved to travel.

Part of the experience of traveling is trying new things. Discovering a part of the world that is different than what you know of it.

Spencer and I have a rule anytime we travel be it out of state or country: we always eat what the locals eat. I like to follow rules and this is a good rule. :)

So, I got a crazy good deal on a flight to Dallas and I will be going in a little over a month.

Question of the Day:

Where should I eat while I'm there?


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