Monday, January 17, 2011

lousy service

Some friends of ours invited us out to eat last weekend. We always have fun whenever we get together with them so we jumped at the chance. Her Mom was gracious (or crazy) enough to agree to watch all four boys (our two and their two) at their house. I'm sure the night included take-out pizza and mayhem.:)

All four of us had heard good things about the restaurant that we were going to and were excited to try it out! The place is called Flint Creek Steakhouse and it is inside Cherokee Casino in West Siloam Springs. It was the 2010 Reader's Choice Awards Best of the Best. With praise like that don't you see why we were so excited?

I really, really wanted to like this place. The decor was polished and modern. That is about the best I can say about the place. Our waitress didn't smile at us once and she looked put-out when we asked anything of her. They didn't have either of the beers that Spencer and Kendall ordered and it took over an hour for our entrees to be served.

The food itself was good. I had a spinach and endive salad and grilled salmon. But honestly, I could have made something just as good at home.

We were in the best of company and conversation flowed smoothly despite the lousy service. I would like to try to give this place another chance. But it was quite a drive for us and I'm not sure if/when we could make another trip.

Question of the Day:

Have you ever been disappointed in a place you have heard great things about?


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