Monday, January 10, 2011

yummy granola

this is week 2 of the ETL 6 week program. I only "cheated" a few times last week with extra bread servings and too much olive oil. I have no trouble giving up dairy, but oil? No way. Might as well ask me to give up my first born, or shopping, or chocolate (oh wait, that's not on the diet either)!

Over all I feel really good. no heartburn or bloating which is how I sometimes feel with dairy.

I also came up with a good granola last week. It is slightly sweet and has a good, satisfying crunch.

amelia's sweet and satisfying granola:

3 c. rolled oats
1/2 c. chopped pecans
2 Tbs. flax seed
1 Tbs. chai seed
1Tbs. sesame seed
3/4 c. raw pumpkin seed

1 Tbs. canola oil (i just had to)
1/3 c. raw honey

chopped dates and mango to equal 1 c.

combine wet with dry ingredients until coated evenly except for mango and dates

pour onto parchment covered cookie sheet

bake at 300 for about 15-20 min.

sprinkle the mango mixture onto the granola just as it comes out of the oven.

enjoy with fresh blueberries or over yogurt. yum. :)

I'm going to stop by here today.

Question of the Day:

anyone have a good granola recipe without oil?

sesame seeds are more than just a garnish for chinese food. they are a good source of calcium and lots of other goodies you can read about here.


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